Wade+Belle are a new tights company on the market, and they purport to have a waistband that does not roll.

Wait, did I just say, “a waistband that does not roll?”

IKR! I was in shock as well. They have this new technology that is both comfy and does not constantly require you to be pulling your tights up. As anyone who has ever lived in winter and tried not wearing pants during the season will attest: the worst thing about tights is how they never, ever, ever, stay up. There’s all sorts of DIY remedies that try to help you around it, but one would wonder why no one has invented no-roll tights as of yet.

Well, now someone has. When I first saw them, I was really excited cos I am a total tights-and-sweater dress girl during winter. I was wondering if they would work for us plus size girls, and they sent me a couple of their gorgeous tights to try out!

Firstly they come in this cute packaging, complete with a lavender scent bag!

The tights themselves come in these packages. I got the Black Diamonds and the Opaque Black Tights.

 Here is how they both look on me!


The tights were comfortable, and they actually did what they said! They did not roll down and the waistband really is quite amazing. However, I am barely a US size 14, and it was quite tight on me. In fact, the Diamond tights tore as I was trying to put them on because they are simply not stretchy enough.

Hence, while I appreciate the attempt at a no-roll waistband (which they achieved!) these tights are DEFINITELY not a one-size fits all. I would not recommend them for anyone above a US size 12 actually, and even then to put them on carefully because they do not have stretch in them, which curvy girls really need!

I would definitely recommend these gorgeous tights for anyone under a US size 12 and us bigger girls are just going to have to wait a little while longer, it seems!

The post was in collaboration with Wade+Belle. All opinions mine.

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  • Satz

    January 8, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Love the way you are oozing out with confidence and inspiring others on how can be sexy n stylish when you are plus Size.. there is nothing to feel low in confidence about it and you exactly portray that and lifting confidence of those who are pretty low in it.. fluidic style.


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