Vic Police at Melbourne Protests


There has been a spate of over policing at Melbourne protests, especially at protests involving the ongoing Australian moral crisis with regards to refugees in manus and Nauru.

Now, Vic Police are running around telling people to be afraid of the ‘African youth gangs’, which do not even exist.

Victoria Police and African Australians

Historically, Vic Police have been known to racially profile Muslims and African Australians, to the point where the state coroner had to request an inquest into the death of an African Australian man because of how little Vic Police cared about the case, echoing how the Ethiopian community has no trust in the Footscray Police Department, which is well-known within Footscray for racially profiling immigrants in Footscray, an area that continues to house many immigrant communities.

In Melbourne (and all over Australia) African Australians are often “subjected to assaults and racial taunts, and were regularly stopped and questioned by police in circumstances where a non-African would not have been stopped and questioned.”

“The results showed young African people were about two-and-a-half times more likely to be subject to an arbitrary ”stop and search” relative to their numbers in the area. The justification given for such policing rests on their supposedly high representation in local crime statistics. Yet Professor Gordon found there were fewer offences but markedly higher ”stops and searches” among young African Australians compared with others.”

Read that again: there is less crime by African Australians but they are stopped more by the police. Vic Police has openly admitted to having unfair practices, and promised to make changes.

Those changes have not happened.

Victoria Police and other communities of colour

Over and over again, there are reports of Victoria Police being racist, not just towards Black people, but South Asians as well. Two police officers were suspended for laughing at a video of an Indian man being killed and then making comments such as “it could be a way to fix Melbourne’s Indian student problem.”

Victoria Police and sexual abuse

Sexual harassment is rampant in Victoria police, and policewomen find it much harder to get ahead in the force. Up to 2/3 of sexual assault victims do not even call the police, as they have no faith in them. Women are stopped by Vic Police and sexually assaulted by them and Aboriginal women are raped by the police. 

I have had friends be asked what they were wearing. A friend who needed protection from an abusive boyfriend was asked why she did not leave him sooner.

How can you trust Vic Police when they continuously behave in such abusive ways?

No Good Cops

There is no such thing as a good cop. People talk about good cops, but good cops are still part of a system that disproportionately targets immigrants and indigenous people. The only good cop is the whistleblower cop, who tells the world how racist and sexist the police are. Those cops are usually threatened and cowed into silence, or immediately off the force if they try to break their silence.

Which brings us back to: there is no such thing as a good cop.

Policing at Melbourne protests

It is no surprise that agents of a racist state are themselves, violent racists. A police force that disregards human life, that has no respect or basic decency towards people expressing those rights by marching or protesting is the first step in the descent into Fascism. It is one of the first steps a state takes when it is getting ready to strip you of your rights.

Whatever your thoughts on refugees, I would like to think Australians would be against their basic rights and freedoms being taken from them. It is in your best interest to stop Vic Police from overreach and from extending their already considerable powers.

Stop supporting Vic Police. It is only a matter of time when they come for you.


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