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The Hunt

They walked alone on the crooked path. There was nothing for miles, not even the dead grass that had accompanied them the past few days. It was as if the land could not fathom how to respond. The sand was gritty and bit into their worn-out shoes. The long robes they had been wearing when…


The Michelle Obama Meme and Question of Immigrants

By now, everyone should have seen the meme featured above. Originally, this picture of First Lady Michelle Obama was a social media message shared during May 2014, supporting the global campaign to bring back Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Post-election, the image has been altered to display a humorous message about the new First…


MIA, Afropunk and the death of Amerikan hegemony

Yesterday we read that “MIA literally hates Bengalis” and we collectively lol-ed. Apparently MIA now hates everyone and everything. Even freaking upper-caste West Bengalis, so we figured it’s about time to intervene. So far we’ve refrained from writing on this topic for a number of reasons, but most importantly because a lot of it just…