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Who’s on the team? Unpacking POC

I gave an interview for the second season of ABC’s Not A Race with Beverley Wang on Chinese Privilege, Singapore, and what the term People of Colour means. Not A Race is an amazing show that has featured incredible artists like Aamer Rahman, Benjamin Law as well as The Daily Show’s Ronny Chieng. I am…


The Hunt

They walked alone on the crooked path. There was nothing for miles, not even the dead grass that had accompanied them the past few days. It was as if the land could not fathom how to respond. The sand was gritty and bit into their worn-out shoes. The long robes they had been wearing when…


Chinese Privilege, Gender and Intersectionality in Singapore: A Conversation between Adeline Koh and Sangeetha Thanapal

Singapore, a tiny Southeast Asian nation-state, is well known for its impressive economic growth since its independence in 1965. Filled with towering skyscrapers, an impressive, well-maintained public transport system and an unemployment rate the envy of most industrialized nations, the small country is often referenced as a model postcolonial state. Despite these impressive economic strides,…