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Review: False Hope

Kevin Garrett does not even have a full-fledged album yet, and he is easily my favourite artist of 2017. His EP, False Hope, has five songs, each a soft exploration of love in its infinite forms. He is most well known for the song he wrote for Beyonce. Beyonce!! He opens with ‘A Heart Like…


Review: Allmän Brown, 1000 years

Allman Brown’s 2017 album, '1000 Years' is a delight in indie music. Soft, dainty and articulate, the songs on this album seep under your skin and you are playing them on repeat without even realising it. There is more than one ‘favorite’ song on this album, and you are going to be pressed for choice...

MIA, Afropunk and the death of Amerikan hegemony

Yesterday we read that “MIA literally hates Bengalis” and we collectively lol-ed. Apparently MIA now hates everyone and everything. Even freaking upper-caste West Bengalis, so we figured it’s about time to intervene. So far we’ve refrained from writing on this topic for a number of reasons, but most importantly because a lot of it just…