Review: False Hope

Kevin Garrett does not even have a full-fledged album yet, and he is easily my favourite artist of 2017. His EP, False Hope, has five songs, each a soft exploration of love in its infinite forms.

He is most well known for the song he wrote for Beyonce. Beyonce!!

He opens with ‘A Heart Like Yours’ where he bemoans that he has met a heart like hers “once or twice” before, but one that he has “left outside your door.”

My favourite song in the EP is “A Little Bit Of You” which is deliciously catchy. I could not stop putting it on replay for a few hours on a daily basis an entire week. The song that inspired the graphic for this post explores a love that has ended, one “that is going out of fashion” but also one that has not fully run its course. He does not want to know that she thinks of him, because he still thinks of her, as there is “a little bit of you in me.”

This album is all feels and sad moves set to gorgeous, slow beats you can’t help grooving to, underlaid beneath his lovely voice. The EP only has five songs, but when you’ve got five songs that do everything, who needs more?

Recommended for: Listeners of what I call Indie R&B, also sometimes known as Contemporary R&B and anyone wanting who likes great beats accompanied by personal, well thought out storytelling in a song.

Listen to the EP on Spotify

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