Review: Allmän Brown, 1000 years

Allman Brown’s 2017 album, ‘1000 Years‘ is a delight in indie music. Soft, dainty and articulate, the songs on this album seep under your skin and you are playing them on repeat without even realising it. There is more than one ‘favorite’ song on this album, and you are going to be pressed for choice when asked to name just the one. His use of the right amount of instruments without ever overwhelming the listener with too much artful arrangement brings such pleasure.

My standout song is ‘Sons and Daughters’ where he talks about lovers who “keep the light on to called you home” as they live their quiet lives and “pray for sons and daughters.” In ‘Rivers,’ which inspired the graphic you see in this post, he sings painfully about needing water to “take away my memory.”

‘Ancient Light’ is another one that sweeps you away. It’s playing in the background as you are cutting vegetables, or clearing up, and then suddenly you’re in another place in your head, reminding you that you might be “lost, but not alone anymore.”

‘Sweetest Thing’ is a playful ode to lovers and all the sweet things between us, reminding us that while he might do deep, dark and soulful, Brown is just as good at the light, sweet and fun.

Recommendation: For indie/folk lovers who want something beautiful on repeat this Christmas season.

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