Punch More Nazis

Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to Melbourne on the 4th of December, next Monday.

While the Socialist Alternative and CARF (Campaign against Racism & Fascism) are all busy peddling on his celebrity to get themselves some of it, the rest of us are busy trying not to die at the hands of fascists.

See, there’s been a spate of white journalists waxing romantic about Fascists, all in the name of trying to understand why and how they are the way they are. We have seen that these white liberals are not actually interested in stopping Fascism, so I am really left to conclude that what they are really invested in, is giving Fascists an endearing face and a bigger platform to spread Fascist ideas and values.

Unlike them, I’m not interested in understanding Fascists-only in punching them.

And you should be as well.

Tee from @teepublic

Watch this amazing video by @aamarrahman on why punching Nazis is something you should definitely be doing.

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