Lune Croissantarie

Do I even have to introduce Lune at this point in time? It is easily the best-known pastry shop in Melbourne. It’s a Melbourne staple, and everyone who likes croissants has visited it at some point or the other. Well, I had not, so this was my turn.

The croissants smell great and there’s a selection bound to make any croissant lover happy. As a Southeast Asian-Indian, coconuts are basically a food group for me, and when you add pandan to it, well let’s just say, the Southeast Asian in me was quite happy. The croissants are exquisite; the pastry is unparalleled with taste infused into the croissant itself.

I do think they are slightly expensive (10 bucks for one croissant!) and not for everyday croissant eating, but they are good for that special croissant treat.

Things to note: Parking is horrendous on that street, so try to park on one of the main roads turning into it. Secondly, there are no tables, just seating areas, so going there with more than two people is going to be mighty awkward in terms of conversation cos you’ll all be sitting next to each other.


P.S: If you want to learn how to say croissant properly without feeling like a fool in a croissant shop, here is a helpful video. It gives you both the British English and French pronunciation, but I went to university in the U.K with a French-Belgian Pronunciation Nazi, who insisted all of us must pronounce things the way they were meant to be (which I agree with because that is basic respect) I pronounce it in the French way.

Do go to Lune and let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you like croissants? Overrated or nah?


Lune Croissantarie

119 Rose St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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