What does fashion mean to me?

2017 was a crazy year for me. The highs were such highs, and the lows were so low. I honestly struggled through a lot of it, and at many times feel that my friends didn’t care, like I had no one to talk to, and that I was really alone. At the same time, I hit some highs in my career: I performed and spoke at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, I got some of my writing published (and paid!) As for my body and fat positive fashion blogging, I think I did some really lovely work, but because I don’t look like the other bloggers running the biz, I get no attention or love.

I do fashion for poor, dark-skinned women of color-the ones who can’t afford Ashley Graham’s new line or constantly be buying clothes every time FashionNova puts out something. For the fat woman who is discriminated against and already paid less in her job, and just wants to look good without buying new things or constantly having to make her face up like Kim Kardashian to do so.

I am so tired of body positivity, actually. It cuts out fat women, women of color, poor women who can’t afford the latest plus size designer’s clothes, disabled women, dark-skinned women, GNC women, etc. It has become such a co-opted phrase and people like Iskra Lawrence, who is basically a skinny girl with big hips, are the face of the movement. The people with the biggest names and followings in the plus size world are usually white/ light-skinned and actually just skinny people with a little curves. I’m so disgusted by that, and I’m just over it.

In 2018, I really hope this changes. I hope that dark-skinned, fat, queer, differently abled women become the standard for fat positivity, cos fuck body positivity and its mainstream tendencies, and that none of this depends on the number of followers, likes and comments you can buy.

I hope to smile more, laugh more, love more and move on onto bigger things with my writing.

To all my fat, poor, dark-skinned chicks: Bring back that light in your eyes. May all your dreams come true, and more importantly, may you never need anyone else’s validation to realise that you are worth it.

You are enough.


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