Don’t Black Lives Matter in Australia?

Recently, the Sydney Peace Prize gave an award to the women behind Black Lives Matter. BLM has never been a hate group and deserves every accolade it gets.

However, I would like to use this opportunity to point out that Black people exist in Australia, and that black organizations here have been working tirelessly for Black people as well. Why aren’t the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance being given this prize? Instead, why do we constantly see people scream ‘black lives matter’ in Australia while denying the genocide that underpins this country?

I’d like for people, especially Black people in America, to think about how solidarity with them is actually about using BLM as a means to deny other people their due right.

Think about Sinhalese people who just hate Tamil people but who use “pro-blackness” as a means to hate on MIA. Or upper caste South Asians who love the ‘wokeness’ of BLM but deny the caste system because one gets them accolades within the performative ally progressive scene, and the other doesn’t.

What I’m saying is that not all support is what you think it is; it isn’t pro-blackness, sometimes it’s just anti-someone else.

So while hurrah to the Sydney Peace Prize for recognizing the wonderful women of BLM, maybe they need to stop erasing and shutting down indigenous Black voices here, and recognize the Black women doing this work at their very doorstep.

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