Dear Chinese people who are anti-PAP

Chinese Singaporeans always want us all to work together, to fight the good fight for democracy and be anti-PAP and all that, but the conversation is rarely, “As a Chinese Singaporean, how can I empower people of all races and other people who are not in the same position of privilege as me?”

Look at the anti-PAP camp, the opposition parties and just basically most Chinese liberals. They’re incredibly racist-they think me talking about racism is making racism worse (remember how I told y’all that they are basically the white people of Singapore?) and they will only support the minorities who talk about race in the most unthreatening ways possible. The opposition parties are just as racist as the PAP, and only want minorities when we are useful tokens.

Chinese Singaporeans who hate the PAP love to talk the democracy talk, but want minorities to subsume all our issues under their Chinese banner: we are expected to hold off on talking about racial inequality until democracy comes to Singapore aka Chinese issues come first.

So please, let’s leave this whole “we’re all on the same team” crap behind.

 Singaporean minorities all know what game you’re really trying to play.

Originally published on Facebook on September 19th 2013

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