The Crop Top Revolution

So, I have recently discovered my love of crop tops! I love that they are actually quite a loose fitting garment but also kinda sit really nicely on our round tummies!

This crop top wearing obsession has been definitely inspired by the one and only Gabi Fresh, who wears crop tops ALL.THE.TIME, and looks amazing in them- despite not having anything resembling a flat tummy.

We have really similar body types and I thought if she could do them, so could I!

This crop top is super comfortable. It is a crew neck with long sleeves. It fits really well without ever being too tight or too loose, and it sits on my stomach like it is hugging it!

The skirt is also really comfortable and I love the buttons down the front! When you sit they open nicely and make you feel all sorts of sexy. I have been wearing it a lot by pairing it with tees and light tops tucked in (cos it’s summer in Melbourne!) I love long sleeves when I am baring some other part of my body (usually it’s cleavage, today it is tummy!) So it’s quite a versatile little skirt, and because it is figure hugging in all the right places, every time I wear the skirt I get hit on quite a bit. O_O

Simple, versatile, sexy-what more could you ask for from a skirt?

***On a side note, THIS is why representation is SO important. Plus size women have been made to feel as if we have to conceal our bodies in the most shapeless and colourless of garments. We are told to hide ourselves away, shrink ourselves, make our bodies as small as possible.

Seeing ourselves and other people with our bodies wear whatever they want is an incredibly freeing experience. Remember your body is your body, it is perfect as it is. Remember it is enough right now. Remember you are enough right now, as you are.

I hope that with this post you are inspired to go out and get some crop tops and show me those gorgeous tummies of yours! Leave a comment with a link to your tummy baring pics cos I would love to see them!

Red Crop Top by Rebdolls. (This crop top is currently going at $9. NINE BUCKS!!) Get it now!!

Black Skirt by Asos

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