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Lune Croissantarie

Do I even have to introduce Lune at this point in time? It is easily the best-known pastry shop in Melbourne. It's a Melbourne staple, and everyone who likes croissants has visited it at some point or the other. Well, I had not, so this was my turn. The croissants smell great and there's a...

West Melbourne Cafes: Art De Cafe

When in Melbourne, so as Melbournians do-have brunch :D One of the greatest things about Melbourne is that you can do deep into the 'burbs and still find amazing food and coffee. Even a place that is not well known, possibly not even on the map, will still have really high standards, cos that's how...

The Tramway Hotel

In front of the stage in this Brunswick hotel, a group of women stand quietly, clearly unsure as to why and how they ended up here. The band sets up behind them. The waitress at the bar takes a while to pay attention to customers, and when she does, she’s annoyed at the thought that…