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The Crop Top Revolution

So, I have recently discovered my love of crop tops! I love that they are actually quite a loose fitting garment but also kinda sit really nicely on our round tummies! This crop top wearing obsession has been definitely inspired by the one and only Gabi Fresh, who wears crop tops ALL.THE.TIME, and looks amazing…



Wade+Belle are a new tights company on the market, and they purport to have a waistband that does not roll. Wait, did I just say, “a waistband that does not roll?” IKR! I was in shock as well. They have this new technology that is both comfy and does not constantly require you to be…


What does fashion mean to me?

2017 was a crazy year for me. The highs were such highs, and the lows were so low. I honestly struggled through a lot of it, and at many times feel that my friends didn’t care, like I had no one to talk to, and that I was really alone. At the same time, I…


Chinese Ring

  I call this my ‘Chinese ring’ because it has a quintessentially Chinese pattern to it, almost a yin-yang represented in the ring. You can’t find this ring around anymore and it’s one of the reasons I love vintage jewelry because it’s truly one of a kind. Buy vintage. Buy handmade. Support local artisans, especially...

Punch More Nazis

Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to Melbourne on the 4th of December, next Monday. While the Socialist Alternative and CARF (Campaign against Racism & Fascism) are all busy peddling on his celebrity to get themselves some of it, the rest of us are busy trying not to die at the hands of fascists. See, there’s been…


White Midi Dress

  Wearing all ASOS today and getting shot at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, (which everyone should check out if you ever visit because not only is it free entry, it has an amazing collection of art!) This white midi dress was on sale and I can understand why :p. The dress is…