West Melbourne Cafes: Art De Cafe

When in Melbourne, so as Melbournians do-have brunch 😀

One of the greatest things about Melbourne is that you can do deep into the ‘burbs and still find amazing food and coffee. Even a place that is not well known, possibly not even on the map, will still have really high standards, cos that’s how Melbourne rolls.

One of these places is a little cafe tucked next to a Coles in Taylor’s Hill called Art De Cafe.

First off, the food is really good. I basically lived off those Ham+Cheese Croissants for awhile. The Eggs Benedict is to die for, and honestly, it’s so much food I ended up having the rosti at the bottom for lunch the next day 😛

The coffee is also very good, smooth and rich-just my type of coffee! (Not men, though) Frankly, the coffee is a tad pricey, their large cup is $6 which in my opinion, is a bit unnecessary. In their defence, they do put FOUR shots into the large, which probably explains the price. However, as someone who likes to be awake but not jumping off the walls, I think four shots is overkill, and I usually just get the medium, which is priced at $5. Again, this is at the top end of what medium coffees are priced at in Melbourne (the city prices them at $4-$4.50) but the coffee is good, so I think it is worth it.

Also, it is literally the only cafe of worth in like a 5-mile radius cos everything else is fast food coffee (yuck) and just generally bad.

So the next time you go West, be sure to check out this cafe!


Art De Cafe

Art De cafe
Taylors Hill Village
127 Gourlay Road Taylors Hill Village (Coles Complex)
Corner of Gourlay Road &, Hume Dr,
Taylors Hill VIC 3037

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