Lune Croissantarie

Do I even have to introduce Lune at this point in time? It is easily the best-known pastry shop in Melbourne. It's a Melbourne staple, and everyone who likes croissants has visited it at some point or the other. Well, I had not, so this was my turn. The croissants smell great and there's a selection bound to make any croissant lover happy. As a Southeast Asian-Indian, coconuts are basically a food group for me, and when you add pandan to it, well let's just say, the Southeast Asian in me was quite happy. The croissants are exquisite; the pastry is unparalleled with taste infused into the croissant...

Vic Police at Melbourne Protests

  There has been a spate of over policing at Melbourne protests, especially at protests involving the ongoing Australian moral crisis with regards to refugees in manus and Nauru. Now, Vic Police are running around telling…


The Hunt

They walked alone on the crooked path. There was nothing for miles, not even the dead grass that had accompanied them the past few days. It was as if the land could not fathom how to…


The Crop Top Revolution

So, I have recently discovered my love of crop tops! I love that they are actually quite a loose fitting garment but also kinda sit really nicely on our round tummies! This crop top wearing obsession…


Review: False Hope

Kevin Garrett does not even have a full-fledged album yet, and he is easily my favourite artist of 2017. His EP, False Hope, has five songs, each a soft exploration of love in its infinite forms….